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MAKING WAVES: Artists in Quarantine with Amanda Salm

April 30, 2020 | Allyson Hitte | Press Room, Press Room/Blog, Uncategorized

As part of #VirtualMMA, we’re catching up with artists and learning about their time in quarantine.  For today’s MAKING WAVES, we caught up with Amanda Salm about how she’s been spending her quarantine time.  Amanda Salm has previously shown in our Flux Gallery, and has a piece in our permanent collection. In her story below, she updates us on work she is doing for the upcoming exhibition, Within Women Without Shelter:

While not unusual for me, I am writing this while I isolate in my 100 square foot studio in Pacific Grove, taking a break from working on a piece for an upcoming exhibit at the museum along with my artist friends Dora Lisa Rosenbaum, Denese Sanders and Melissa Smedley. The four of us comprise the group we call Critical Ground.

During the last sixteen months, working with the Monterey Museum of Art and the Fund for Homeless Women, we have been very busy creating a curriculum of meaningful workshops requiring no prior experience in art. We have been implementing these classes in journal-making, drawing, painting and printmaking for the participants of three different organizations on the peninsula serving the needs of unsheltered women.

The artwork for Courage Within Women Without Shelter will consist mostly of the work Melissa, Denese, Dora and I produce in response to our experiences with the 40 or so women we had the opportunity to get to know. These women all impacted our lives in different and intense ways, leaving strong and lasting impressions of their stories and situations for all of us.

Working on this project has been a profound and enlightening experience for me by further challenging me and disrupting my comfort zone. However, it has also created more empathy and courage within me by coming to understand a little bit of what some of these women endure on a daily basis. Throughout this I came to have an interest in the obstacles-laws, ordinances, bureaucracy, lack of funding and creativity in developing reasonable and appealing dwellings for unsheltered individuals. Departing from my usual sculptural work with horsehair, I have dusted off my old, trusty sewing machine that is assisting me in sewing together pieces of silk organza into a large, symbolic house structure, emblematic of fractured and unstable situations experienced by a growing number of individuals.

-Amanda Salm


We are looking at how local creatives are affected by and adapting to life during COVID-19. If you have photos of your Sheltering-in-Place Studio or helpful hints and hacks you’ve learned along the way, send to education@montereyart.org, or tag us on social media @montereyart, #virtualmma, #artfromhome, #artathome, #covidstudio, #artstudio