Photography 101 School Visit Program for Grades K-12


Photography 101 School Visit Program for Grades K-12

The Monterey Museuphoto2m of Art (MMA) Photography 101 School Visit Program at MMA Pacific Street supports visual arts, English-language arts, history-social science, and Next Generation Science standards for third through sixth grade students, and is also open to second grade students.

During this two-hour museum experience, students participate in collaborative, interactive gallery discussions that encourage making detailed observations and sharpening presentation skills. Led by museum educators, students explore images by local photographers past and present including Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Yousuf Karsh, and Imogen Cunningham. Students will explore what inspired photographers to capture images of landscapes, still lifes, and people in the Monterey region and beyond.

Students also participate in a hands-on art exercise where they experience a demonstration of a camera obscura to bring historical photographic processes to life, and create their own photographic images using light from the sun.

The curriculum for Photography 101 supports connections to California State Visual Arts Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and English Language Arts/Literacy Common Core Standards. See here for a full list of supported standards.

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We are currently booking school visits between August-December 2018

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