Past Exhibitions

Tyrell Collins in Currents and Ed and Vanessa Bredthauer in FLUX

Friday, November 1 – Sunday, December 1

First Friday Friday, November 1, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Tyrell Collins
Born 1947PhthaloBlue2Monterey
Oakland, CA

In 2015, after twenty-five years of painting in oil, I began drawing on black paper with colored pencils. These new materials allowed me to produce finer detail and through this detail to create work that gives expression to a particular set of sensibilities and interests.

In my drawings I am attempting to evoke the realms of both physics and metaphysics, of waves, particles, matter, light and space, and of the mysteries at the outside edge of these natural phenomena.

Tyrell Collins (b. 1947), Quantum Entanglement (Phthalo Blue 2), 2017, colored pencil on black paper, 25 x 25 in.



Pine Potters
Ed and Vanessa Bredthauer
Born 1949
Pacific Grove, CA

Vanessa: ceramic vessels

Ed: pine needle basketryRams-Head--2016---1-

We both are attracted to the natural world around us. Pine needles and clay represent nature in its essence.  Just as trees grow from the earth, pine needles weave themselves out of each clay vessel, adding new direction and life. And as in nature, every sculpture is unique.

Our art is the result of “parallel play” – two artists working in two mediums, creating one vision. Our pieces reflect a trust in each other, both personally and artistically.

In the end, we strive to create works that inspire contemplation and a sense of wonder, much like Mother Nature intended us to do.

Vanessa and Ed Bredthauer (b. 1949), Ram’s Head, 2016, ceramic and pine needle sculpture, 11 x 10 in.