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Peter Hiers in Currents + FLUX

Bum Steer 1aFriday, June 21 – Sunday, July 21

Peter Hiers (born 1959, New Haven, CT)
Pacific Grove, CA
Road Much Traveled: Sculptures and Street Prints

I am drawn to the organic, wildly-textured qualities of the ripped and shredded material of tire rubber fragments, and their accompanying vocabulary for social commentary. Gathering these fragments from along the highways, I am viscerally confronted with the violence inherent in our culture’s false driving promise that pursuing “more, bigger, better, faster, easier, shinier, newer” somehow brings us fulfillment.

I also make canvas prints from the actual landscape of the streets, capturing marks not usually seen or noted that would have otherwise been added to the landscape. By taking imprints of our fossil-fuel culture made on a specific spot on the surface of our planet during a short time period, then placing them in a frame on a wall, I see the impact of our daily lives a bit differently. I use both the original traffic imprints on canvas and digital technology to produce these limited edition canvas street prints.

Together, this body of work raises questions about our consumer culture, the ideology that drives it and the consequent impacts on the planet and long term effects on human survival.

Image Courtesy of Peter Hiers

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First Friday: Friday, July 5, 5:00 – 7:00 pm