Past Exhibitions

Paz de la Calzada: BUCOLICA

PazOpening September 6, 2019

Bucolica is a multidisciplinary art project that consists of a site – specific installation in the main stairwell of MMA Pacific Street, a
participatory Drawing-Performance and the creation of a tincture, dates TBA.

* Bucolic: A pastoral lifestyle that lends its name to a genre of literature, art, and music
that depicts such life in an idealized and romantic manner, typically for urban audiences.

This project revisits the concept of Alchemy as a tool for creation, healing and
transformation, and invites the public to directly participate as co-creators.
Inspired by the Renaissance Bucolic* genre, the hand cut astroturf pieces feature the
Monterey Cypress, a traditional, romanticized and exaggerated example of the local
landscape. The leaves and needles of this tree will be used to make a tincture. This
plant base extract is available for the public to taste, connecting them with wildcrafting,
an ancient practice that acknowledges the necessity of respect and reciprocity between
humans and the landscape.

Using mass-produced artificial grass recycled from a local park, Bucolica questions the
uses of plastic synthetic grass as a substitute for real and sustainable local grasses,
highlighting the powerful capacity of art making to transform discarded banal waste into
a playful eco-friendly creation. It aims to raise consciousness around pollution and what
is called “waste” and encourage actions that will preserve limited landfill space and save
precious natural resources.

Photo: Victoria Heilweil