Past Exhibitions

Mahir Agha in Currents and Gyöngy Laky in FLUX

December 27, 2019 – January 26, 2020

First Friday Opening Reception: Friday, January 3, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

MAgha_2Mahir Agha

Born 1966

Carmel Valley, California

This project unintentionally started in 2006 as I stood in my front yard recovering in the Carmel Valley heat from assorted landscaping efforts. I glanced over at the post-bloom and dying giant blue agave, noticing its shapes and colors. From there my interest slowly took hold; the pace of my interest was more than partially governed by the cryptic and sporadic nature of the agave bloom. Fortunately, my yard has had many agave and my neighborhood also has a reasonable number (although I may be experiencing a dearth in opportunities in the coming years). I have looked far and wide for other agave but have rarely found agave specimens as dramatic as those found in Carmel Valley. I don’t know if it is something in the soil, but nowhere else have I seen such dramatic agaves.

Image: Mahir Agha (b. 1966), Untitled, 2019, die infused aluminum. Image courtesy of the artist.



Gyöngy Laky

Born 1944

Budapest, HungaryG.Laky_mh.7.19_DSC_4026b

Educated among artists and architects, I borrow freely from various methods and materials to construct sculptural wall works and freestanding forms while pursuing an aesthetic, intellectual and social enterprise. Through my extensive travels I developed an interest in simple, vernacular, hand built structures with natural materials such as fences, basketry, lattices, trellises, scaffolding and foot bridges associated with hand made architecture.  My materials are often wood gleaned from orchard pruning, park, garden and street trees with occasional consumer items.  Some newer works take the form of assembled arrangement of parts – marks on a wall – without the use of any structuring.

Image: Gyöngy Laky at work in her studio. Photo: Marilyn Hurlbert.