Past Exhibitions

Cynthia Ona Innis in *Virtual* Currents

Cynthia Ona Innis


I’m inspired by natural forces at work, above and below the earth’s surface, in ways that continue to shape the landscape. Nearby Pinnacles National Park is the catalyst for this body of work. Fusing together my observations, including the physical aspects of my compositions, I manipulate fabric and paint, and then recombine these materials in layers that reference geologically dynamic locations. Painted bands are offset creating fragmented moments, mimicking the kinetic energy of tectonic plates. As with filmstrips that splice together moments, the collision of forms allows for numerous perspectives, capturing different viewpoints and intertwining moments in time.

Image: Cynthia Ona Innis (b. 1969), Balconies Cave, 2019, acrylic and fabric on canvas,32 x 42 inches. (c) Cynthia Ona Innis.

Video: (c) Cynthia Ona Innis