Past Exhibitions

Currents + FLUX: Kathryn Greenwald

Architecture of Sky

Kathryn Greenwald, b. 1952
Monterey, CA

Artist Statement

First as a painter, now a printmaker, I have explored effects of light over four decades. My home terrain inspires. Observed whispers of hue are enlivened subjectively. I play with their push and pull, as I translate space and structure. My images live between representation and abstraction. They are a record of transitory light and conversations: between ink and paper, three-dimensional illusion and two-dimensional space.

Monotypes suit my intuitive approach to image building and problem solving. A unique language of marks and surface is created when an inked plate transfers to paper in a press.


Image: Kathryn Greenwald, “Architecture of Sky”, Image Courtesy of the Artist



Currents and FLUX are two new Monterey Museum of Art exhibition spaces dedicated to recognizing the work of emerging and evolving California artists.

Currents exhibits a range of media, styles and genres, displaying selected artwork of one artist per exhibition.  FLUX showcases smaller three-dimensional works of unique crafting and design.

Both of these engaging platforms serve the MMA’s mission of connecting people and art by providing a space for California artists to share their talents, cultures, and perspectives.

The new exhibits also enrich visitors’ experiences by inspiring involvement in the arts and providing fresh ideas and new trends in contemporary art.


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