Past Exhibitions

Currents + FLUX: Patricia Qualls and Coille Hooven

Joy_of_Freedom_copyCurrents: Patricia Qualls
Born 1954
Resides Carmel Valley, CA

Artist Statement

Every day I am inspired; inspired to yell or weep. Instead, I paint all day. I paint because I must. In so doing I am opened to a world of transformation. From fear and anger to love…each brush stroke becomes a prayer…a blessing…a healing touch, sent to those who are suffering. Those who are being targeted.

Charlottesville and the march of white men with weapons chanting “Jews Will Not Replace Us” pushed me out of silence. As I and the world watched in horror the series Watershed Moments was born.   Each painting is a reminder to stand up, speak out and not let the attacked stand alone. The Prayers…Blessings to the Children…The World is Watching… There are no words, only movements of color and strength. Some brush strokes come with deep ferocity, and others with tenderness. Each and every one brings me a little closer to processing the Madness of our Times.

We cannot be silent.

Hate does not define us.

Image: Patricia Qualls, Freedom, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 inches. Image Courtesy of the Artist


Coille Hooven FLM Holiday Berries in vaseFLUX: Coille Hooven 

Artist Statement

Working with porcelain, one has a tempestuous partner. One must not get it too wet or it will collapse. Get it too thick and it will crack. Temperamental, it is affected by weather and its own degree of malleability or plasticity. Even in a well sealed plastic bag porcelain stiffens up over time. This clay has a willful mind of its own. It took me years to become its partner, to hear its tune.  I learned to say, “What are we ready for today?”  Porcelain is known as the most difficult of clay bodies. It shrinks 20% from wet to final glaze which complicates the drying and firing process.  But as the saying goes “No pain, no gain,” for porcelain is the also Queen of all clays. The strength and exceptional plasticity of these small flat molecules can capture gesture and movement exquisitely. I can create attenuating or loop-de-loop handles.

Porcelain is the highest fired of all clays, to 2400 degrees- white hot. It then becomes translucent where thin and exceptionally strong. As I make a piece, I flow with the rhythm of making, focus on controlling the shape as it appears until it feels finished.  Whether I am making teapots or fantastical shoes, the feel of the clay is alive and I am part of the process. What a fortunate calling it is, to be an artist, a passionate affair.

-Coille Hooven 2011

Image: Coille Hooven Vessel Collection of Forrest L. Merrill Photograph Dane Cloutier.



Currents and FLUX are two new Monterey Museum of Art exhibition spaces dedicated to recognizing the work of emerging and evolving California artists.

Currents exhibits a range of media, styles and genres, displaying selected artwork of one artist per exhibition.  FLUX showcases smaller three-dimensional works of unique crafting and design.

Both of these engaging platforms serve the MMA’s mission of connecting people and art by providing a space for California artists to share their talents, cultures, and perspectives.

The new exhibits also enrich visitors’ experiences by inspiring involvement in the arts and providing fresh ideas and new trends in contemporary art. The Museum is pleased to enhance the impact of these artists by offering their works of art for purchase with 75% of the proceeds going directly to the artist.  The remaining 25% are used to support programming and exhibitions at MMA.


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