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Currents + FLUX : Rose Sellery

"Baby  Shoes"  Cast  acrylic,  steel  mesh,  wire,  acrylic  paint,  plastic  baby  dolls

“Baby Shoes” Cast acrylic, steel mesh, wire, acrylic paint, plastic baby dolls

July 27 – August 26, 2018
MMA Pacific Street


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Currents + FLUX: Rose Sellery



Rose Sellery, b. 1955
Santa Cruz, CA

Artist statement:

Inspired by the spoken word, I reinterpret collected slang, derogatory words and worn, thoughtlessly sanctioned expressions to create pieces that explore the fragility of family dynamics, gender roles, social issues and the intricacies of our lives.

Language is the vehicle that takes me on a journey of realizing a piece or body of work, while humor and heartache are often the engine running the machine. I work in materials essential to each piece; from metal to bone, cigarette butts to rose petals, fabric to photographs creating, what I hope are, humorous, thought provoking and occasionally disturbing three-dimensional objects and conceptual garments. If the viewer is moved to laughter, tears or a moment of reflection, then I’ve reached my destination.



Currents and FLUX are two new Monterey Museum of Art exhibition spaces dedicated to recognizing the work of emerging and evolving California artists.

Currents exhibits a range of media, styles and genres, displaying selected artwork of one artist per exhibition.  FLUX showcases smaller three-dimensional works of unique crafting and design.

Both of these engaging platforms serve the MMA’s mission of connecting people and art by providing a space for California artists to share their talents, cultures, and perspectives.

The new exhibits also enrich visitors’ experiences by inspiring involvement in the arts and providing fresh ideas and new trends in contemporary art.


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