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Currents: Courtney Sennish

courtney sennishThe Lure of Concrete

I amble through the city of San Francisco in search of illuminations: silent monuments presenting symbolic form and human decision. My process begins through isolating specific moments and details found in the urban landscape through photo documented walks. The city’s concrete gridded layout, road signals, paint colors and built textures weave together a familiar pattern: an urban fabric from which I can pull apart the individual pieces. I grant a spatial story to these accumulations through my sculpture practice. I look at repetition, shape and texture. I am interested in how nature is represented within the city structure and how people connect to the constructed landscape. The diverse mediums represent different processes of perceiving, experiencing and relating to the world around us.

First Friday Opening Reception Friday, April 5 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Image courtesy of the artist