Past Exhibitions

Catie O’Leary in Currents and Dennis O’Leary in FLUX

Catie O’Leary, CurrentsVisual Stories-Crane

After seeing a Jess exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum, I abandoned all other art forms for collage. The images in my collages are original engraved illustrations from antique books. The books are my inspiration as well as my material. I intuitively gravitate toward images that interest me. The meticulously cut-out parts become puzzle pieces in my selection process creating a chain of associations. Each collage is densely composed and like a novel, it takes time to “read” the intimate yet abstract narratives.
To construct the collages, I layer and glue cut-out images from the books on book pages from the same period, creating a relationship between word and image. As I start composing, the appropriated familiar images of birds, animals, landscapes, drapery, architecture and scientific objects occupy a visual space together. The unexpected juxtapositions become embellished maps, poetic landscapes combining elements of nature encountering man.

Visual Stories Crane, Image Courtesy of the Artist


Dennis O’Leary , FLUX

Lunacies are the outcome of one year’s exploration of ideas and forms based on the moon. There are numerous references here to age-old notions about the moon and some more radical adaptations. They range from Moon Jars, Lunatic fazes of the Crescent Orbit Jarmoon, Moon Stones and Orbit Jars.
All of my figurative work reference and acknowledge the ages of ceramic representation of the human head from the very beginning and throughout the history of art, and are metaphors for the human condition then and now.

Crescent Orbit Jar, Image Courtesy of the Artist


First Friday Reception: Friday, June 7, 5:00 – 7:00 pm