Past Exhibitions

Victor Landweber: Artist to Artist

Pettibone-Lichtenstein-Picasso-Matisse-720x480-7aef5abf-0f7d-429d-aa8a-4ad089a501b4Friday, September 6 – Tuesday, December 31

A history of art is a chronicle of both relationships and artworks, here presented together as sets of sequenced photographs. Artist to Artist is comprised of photographs in which artists are linked to other artists who are then linked to other artists and so on.
The usual kinds of photographic sequences are temporal, spacial, formal and poetic. Photojournalists favor the temporal; landscapists the spacial; artists the formal and poetic.

Artist to Artist presents another kind of sequence, built on relationships and reference and made visible in photographs linking artists through their works. Linkages are the familiar basis of hypertext language and the World Wide Web. While often used to plumb the world of information, here they are tuned to the particular purpose of presenting a series of narrative connections about artists’ works and relationships. Among the connections are friendships, romances, collaborations, appropriations, jokes, homages, and a visual dialog that transcends generations.
My interest in photographing artworks in which one artist refers to another became an ongoing project when I noticed that the art I loved and had been photographing in museums and galleries was often about relationships and connections among artists. Visualizing connections among artists has been a fascinating pursuit. I think of each connection as a vignette about the lives of the artists and a history of art. This, for me, is a photographic romance with art and artists, so it is essential that my prints are as beautiful and engaging as I can make them.
—Victor Landweber, 2018

First Friday, Friday, September 6, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Image courtesy of Pettibone reproductions photographed by Victor Landweber, 2008