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MAKING WAVES: Access to art at a time of unease

March 19, 2020 | Allyson Hitte | Press Room, Press Room/Blog


Here at the Monterey Museum of Art our mission is built on a commitment to the preservation and promotion of California art past, present, and future. But the fulfillment of that mission encompasses much more. We are tasked with not only building a robust and representative art collection, but with sharing these and other works, with our community. Through exhibitions, symposiums, workshops, and school tours, we make access and education to art our top priority. We believe our members, our volunteers, our guests, and our student visitors, are an integral part of our community. And right now, our community’s health and welfare are our greatest concern. Given the county’s mandate, we had no choice but to close the Museum which meant laying off several staff members and sending the remainder home to work remotely. 

This is an unprecedented situation; unlike anything I have ever experienced in my forty years in museum management. Never before has there been so much uncertainty, so much anxiety, and so little clear direction of the way forward. I am sure many of you feel the same wayIt’s still too soon to know the full extent of the suffering and economic damage this coronavirus will ultimately bring, and undoubtedly things will never be the same. But no matter what our new normal will be, our mission, and our work, will stay the course. 

Every nonprofit exists to make the world better in its own way – from animal shelters to museums. Our doors may be shut for the moment, but our work doesn’t stop. And I believe it is more important now than ever. So, as we pick ourselves up off the ground, dust ourselves off, and get back to work, we will be focused on fulfilling our mission and developing new ways to share, connect, and engage with you, our community 

Please remain connectedcall or email me, and look here and on our social media pages in the days and weeks ahead. Stay well. 

Artfully Yours, 

Stuart A. Chase