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Photography Lecture Series with Jane Olin

March 27, 2017, 1:00 pm2:00 pm
MMA Pacific Street

$10 admission, Free for Members                                                                     Jane Olin 2

Jane Olin:  My Evolution as an Artist

“I started out strongly influenced by my instructors, mostly second-generation Group f/64 photographers.  With Calla, my first series, the work in the darkroom was straightforward, but soon I began experimenting and pushing against the boundaries of the rules I had so carefully learned.   My darkroom work now is more spontaneous and I take advantage of chance occurrences that lead me in new directions.

 Over the years I have become influenced by the idea of Yugen, a Japanese word meaning mystery or subtlety, which refers to “a type of beauty that lies modestly beneath the surface of things.” This concept has become my aim: to capture the simple essence of my subject and to amplify the spirit within it.”

Jane Olin has worked as a photographer in California’s Monterey Bay area for over twenty-five years. Living at the epicenter for the West Coast photography movement, she learned the skills of straight photography from the assistants and students of Ansel Adams, and alternative methods in numerous photographic workshops.

Olin works with series of related images, a method that allows for extended explorations of her subject. She photographs with film and consistently experiments both in-camera and in the darkroom, pushing the limits of focus, exposure, and printing technique. Her most recent work, a series of striking abstractions, arose through a fortuitous accident that generated a new way of working. Process takes precedence over preconceived idea as Olin purposely applies chemicals onto exposed gelatin silver paper, manipulating and closely monitoring effects with an alchemist’s attention to detail. She continues to innovate in this vein, trying out new subjects and processing the images with her distinctive progression of steps.

Join us for a six-part lecture series about the diverse and wonderful photographers of the Central Coast. Local experts will be featured in one-hour lectures about their chosen subjects. Visitors are welcome to bring food and drinks during this lunchtime lecture series.