Free Family Fun Day

Free Family Fun Day is now Virtual!


Welcome to MMA’s third Virtual Free Family Fun Day: Back to Basics!

Take it back now y’all! We’re going Back to Basics for our next Virtual Free Family Day. Each project will explore an Element of Art: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color, and Space (plus a few fun surprises)

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Scavenger Hunt: Word Search

This Free Family Fun Day we are changing up our scavenger hunt! Try to spell your name with objects that you find in your homes or throughout your community. Use your imagination to manipulate objects that could be used to represent various letters of the alphabet!

For example, you could take a picture of letters on tee shirts or jerseys, possibly letters on soda cans or bottles. Or even go outside and take pictures of clouds, sticks, leafs, etc that look like different letters!

Line Design

This project is all about using all different types of lines to create various designs. They can be any type of designs you desire, but remember to include balance and movement throughout your piece!


Black Paper
White Paper
Sharpies (Fine Point & Extra Fine)

Line Design Instructions

Cool Collographs – Printmaking with Recycled Materials

A collograph is a type of print created by collaging materials onto another surface, then applying ink or paint to create a print. Unlike a stamp, where material is carved out of a block to create an image, collographs start as a flat surface, and material is added to create a low relief image. By using recycled materials, we can experiment with different textures!


Liquid glue
Recycled scraps (cardboard, yarn, fabric, bubble wrap, leaves, etc.)
Paint or ink pad
Sponge or paint brush

Cool Collograph Instructions

Paper Pulp Pots in Protest with Currents Artist Whitney Aguiñiga 

Sculpt with paper pulp and seeds to create a pot that is designed to break apart and grow into something new.


Step#1: Prep 

10 sheets of colored paper
Heat-resistant bowl
Boiling water

 Step #2: Building 

Prepped/submerged paper
All-purpose flour (3 tbs)
Non-toxic PVA glue (Elmers Glue is great!) (2 tbs)
Table salt (1tbs)
Measuring cup
Plastic bag
Flower seeds (optional)
Covered work surface

Shapes, On Shapes, On Shapes

In addition to the Elements of Art, this lesson will cover two Principles of Design: Balance and Rhythm/Movement. Balance is when a piece of artwork is created that incorporates a symmetrical or asymmetrical design. Rhythm/movement is using a recurring design or element that moves the viewer’s eye around the piece. We will also be including two Elements of Art, shape and color!


Colored Pencils or Oil Pastels
White Paper
Card-stock, Cardboard (Sturdy paper)

Shapes on Shapes Instructions

Out of this World – Space Exploration

Have you noticed that objects that are far away appear smaller? Or that bright colors seem to stand out more? By creating our own planetary system, we’ll demonstrate the different ways artists create space in their art! 


Crayons, markers, paint, pastels

Out of this World Instructions

The Shape of Music

For this project we will be incorporating the fine art of music into our creations. Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist that would use music and sounds as his inspiration. Kandinsky had the ability to appraise sounds, colors or words with two or more senses simultaneously, which is a condition called “Synesthesia”. We are going to create music as we listen to various clips of music from all different genres. We will be discovering how different sounds influence our choice of shape, line, color and the rest of the elements and principles!


White Paper
Cup of Water
Paint Brushes

The Shape of Music Instructions

Thank you to our Supporters!

A big thank you to our Free Family Fun Day and Mobile Free Family Fun Day Supporters: Rotary Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop, Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services, Carmel Woman’s Club, and the Arts Council for Monterey County—with support by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors.