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Index Card ArtMMA is committed to our mission of cultivating curiosity with the visual arts and engaging our community with the diversity of California Art – past, present, and future. #INDEXCARDART asks our community members to share their experiences of this unique and difficult time and allows us to process those experiences as a community using art.


Using an index card or a 3×5” piece of paper, CREATE something/anything you like at home as we shelter in place. It can be a drawing of your new favorite past time, a snapshot of your environment, or maybe something in your home you never noticed before.

SUBMIT to MMA both digitally (tag @montereyart #INDEXCARDART) and by mail to 559 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA and we will share on-line and through an exhibition when we reopen the museum. Art allows sharing, thinking, expression, conveyance and so much more. One need not be an ‘artist’ to participate, we want to hear from everyone!

Spread the word throughout CA (and beyond.) We know that the future holds possibilities that we may not yet be able to view. Hope is more contagious than despair, create, express, be mindful and artful.