California Paintings School Visit Program for Grades K-12


California Paintings School Visit Program for Grades K-12

The Monterey Museum of School Tours 3Art (MMA) California Paintings School Visit Program at MMA Pacific Street supports visual arts and English-language arts standards for third through sixth grade students, and is also open to second grade students.

During this two-hour museum experience, students participate in collaborative, interactive gallery discussions that encourage making detailed observations and sharpening presentation skills. Led by museum educators, students explore early California landscapes and seascapes. Many early California artists used their talents to record the traditions, customs, daily life and landscape of a particular area. Students analyze paintings according to the elements of art and derive meaning based on the idea and mood of the works of art.

Students also participate in a hands-on art exercise where they experience drawing en plein air (outdoors) and learn about how landscape painters composed their artworks. This lesson provides a meaningful context for how artists in California past and present interpret the Monterey region.

The curriculum for California Paintings addresses English Language Arts/Literacy College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening and supports the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework in the areas of artistic perception and aesthetic valuing. See here for a full list of supported standards. Please email education@montereyart.org with your specific questions about how California Paintings supports classroom standards.

Visit to Colton Hall:

Groups 3rd through 6th grade participating in our California Paintings School Visit Program at MMA Pacific Street have the opportunity of a visit to historic Colton Hall.  Your group will meet at the Monterey Museum of Art. We will then walk across the street to Colton Hall for a 20 minute overview of the key events of Monterey and California which led to statehood. The remainder of your visit will occur back at the Monterey Museum of Art.  This option extends your complete visit to a two and a half hour experience.

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We are currently booking school visits between August-December 2018

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