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Monterey Museum of Art Announces “Victor Landweber: Artist to Artist”

September 3, 2019 | Allyson Hitte | Press Room/Blog

Pettibone-Lichtenstein-Picasso-Matisse-720x480-7aef5abf-0f7d-429d-aa8a-4ad089a501b4“Victor Landweber: Artist to Artist” features photographs that enhance an art-historical narrative by revealing a dialogue between artists and artworks.

“A history of art is a chronicle of both relationships and artworks, here presented together as sets of sequenced photographs,” states the artist of his upcoming show at MMA.  “Victor Landweber: Artist to Artist” is comprised of photographs in which artists refer to, or are connected with, other artists.  The goal of the exhibition is to enhance the art-historical dialogue and conversation about and between artists and artworks.

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Image courtesy of Pettibone reproductions photographed by Victor Landweber, 2008