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Monterey Museum of Art Announces “Penelope Gottlieb: The Invasive Plant”

July 31, 2019 | Allyson Hitte | Press Room/Blog

Colocasia_esculenta-499x720-2d0f20db-99bd-4fbc-9b01-268b67b61e1fThe “Invasive Plant” series appropriates and significantly alters existing print plates from the John James Audubon archive. In these paintings, Gottlieb reconsiders the iconic 19th century imagery by binding the classic Audubon birds with tightly woven bands of invasive plant species. The images stage an invasion of this historical imagery, enacting the ravages of a contemporary ecological phenomenon wherein non-native species are introduced into an environment and overtake the balance of its delicate ecosystem.

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Allyson Hitte, Communications and Marketing Coordinator


Image: Penelope Gottlieb, Colocasia esculenta, 2019, acrylic and ink over Audubon print, 60 x 40 inches. Image courtesy of Penelope Gottlieb