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MAKING WAVES: Whitney Aguiñiga

July 10, 2020 | Allyson Hitte | Press Room/Blog


This week on MAKING WAVES, we caught up with Whitney Aguiñiga who will be opening in our *Virtual* Currents Gallery on July 17.  Whitney reflects on her time in isolation and how her practice has changed as a result of her changing surroundings.  During the run of her show, MMA will be helping Whitney raise funds and awareness for UndocuFund Monterey Bay.  The fund provides critical financial support to undocumented workers in our community, those who have been particularly hard hit by the devastation caused by the COVID-19 crisis.  In the final week of her exhibition, MMA will be auctioning off Whitney’s pieces to raise money for both UndocuFund Monterey Bay and the Monterey Museum of Art.

I hope this post finds you and yours safe and in good spirits during this challenging time.

So It Grows opens next Friday, July 17th in Virtual Currents & Flux and here are a few sneak peek images from my home studio as I finalize the works for installation.


Ordinarily my practice begins with a collaboration, it is researched, tested, each component is fully planned.  So It Grows was a new way of working, it unfolded organically in isolation with homemade, sometimes expired materials at the mercy of experimentation, light, and time. The title So It Grows refers to the circumstances of spring when the work was being created, the changing landscape/live materials used to create each piece, and with the hope that the final works are only a beginning. Collaboration, generosity, and working together to support and protect our vulnerable community members and the institutions that we care about is vital right now.  The works for this show have been donated to help raise funds that go directly to undocumented workers hit by the Covid-19 pandemic here in Monterey, California and the Monterey Museum of Art.




Stay tuned for a digital gallery tour of show, a walkthrough of how the works were created, and a chance for you to directly help protect the arts, our neighbors and community members in need. It takes a village, so it grows.



Stay safe, I will see you in the gallery soon.




All Images Courtesy of Whitney Aguiñiga