Welcome & Mission

fe075a3586704e0687f748a3fe2bdd93From the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Since beginning my role as Executive Director in late April, I have been warmly welcomed by all of you. I truly appreciate those kind acts, and am proud to be a part of a community that is so steeped in art and culture. With that, all of us at the Monterey Museum of Art are excited to share our renewed commitment to the community—through exhibitions and public programs that not only honor the artistic legacy of the region and California, but also capture the artistic visions of the present as we all contribute to leaving our artistic mark in history.

We will continue to connect people with California regional art from 1875 to the present, and all of us at the Museum are committed to being forward-thinking and innovative in our approaches to sharing art with the public. Looking forward, we will express the diverse artistic and cultural perspectives of California, and ensure that these perspectives are accessible for all to enjoy. Being accessible is one of our foremost priorities, and we are planning to implement some lively new approaches to sharing art.

I believe that the Monterey Museum of Art is one of the finest American regional art museums, and all of us are dedicated to making it even better. We hope you visit often and take pride in the Museum, as we are here to reflect our culturally-rich region, and to celebrate you.

We hope to see you soon,

Stuart A. Chase
Executive Director

Our Mission

The Monterey Museum of Art cultivates curiosity in the visual arts and engages community with the diversity of California art – past, present, and future.

Our Vision

The Monterey Museum of Art is a collaborative center where art and community engage.